These Photo's were furnished by Jeff Meier

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My name is Jeff Meier

I was stationed at EAFB from 1982-84. It was my first assignment and I had a lot of fun. The A-10ís I worked on in the 76th AMU were brand new. I was a weaponís loader and worked in RED section.

   In 1997 I returned to what was EAFB on a C-130 mission, I am now a crew chief in the Air National Guard in Illinois . We taxied on the ramp on what used to be my section. It was very neat to see..I didnít bring a camera, so that was a missed opportunity.

I had some nice memories there.

Sorry if my pictures are blurry, it was a cheap camera.

The last pictures are when were at Nellis AFB for Red Flag in 1983

I also made a web page with these pictures but I choose not to list it.