Gone but not forgotten
England AFB

These pictures were taken by Ed Burkle during the 1967 - 68 time frame.
EAFB_MainGate 1967
The guards saw me with a camera, so they posed at the guard house.
EAFT Retreat -
Lowering the flag at the end of the day.
EAFB Exit Main -
Sign at the exit of the Main Gate
EAFB Back Gate -
Entering the back gate
EAFB Back Road
Road after entering the base from the back gate.
EAFB EquestXing. 
Sign at the exit of the back gate.  Equestrian is a horseback rider.
(SAFTEY was later corrected to be SAFETY).
EAFB ChapelYield - 1968
In honor of the hymn; “Yield not to temptation” the sign was added at the exit of the base chapel.
EAFB Crosswalk - 1968
I submitted a suggestion to have a crosswalk painted where airmen walked from the barracks to the sidewalk leading to the base movie theater. A friend took my picture.