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Closed but not forgotten
England AFB

3rd TFW

3rdTFW & 531stTFS - History at England AFB & Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam

The 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing was reassigned from Yokota AB, Japan to England AFB on 9 January 1964. The wing equipped with F-100 Super Sabres would remain at England AFB, with a TDY to DaNang AB Feb., 1965 - Jul., 1965), until a permanent assignment to Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam on 7 November 1965. Four tactical fighter squadrons (90th , 416th, 510th, 531st)., with the 510th coming from Clark AB, RP and the 416th and 531st moving from Misawa AB Japan, each unit with about 25 F-100D/Fs, then trained and rotated its squadrons in detached status to Southeast Asia for combat duty.

The 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing during the time at England AFB had the following Commanders -
    Col Phillip Brooks 9 Jan 1964
    Col Waring W. Wilson 28 May 1965
    Col Robert A. Ackerly 19 Jul 1965

3rd TFW and 531st TFS photos through the years

1966-1970 - 531st TFS history with pictures from Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam

1966 - 531st TFS on TDY to Clark AB from Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam

1966 - 531st TFS Base Ops. at Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam

June 12, 1965 - 531st TFS arriving at EAFB from Misawa, Japan

Early, 1966 - EAFB, 531st TFS in Southeast Asia after leaving EAFB

1966 - The story of Ramrod in Southeast Asia

1966 - Ramrod with 531st Commander LtCol Charles R. White

Brigadier General Philip M. Drew was a Captain at England AFB assigned to the 531st

General Robert W. Bazley was the commander of the 531st at Bien Hoa in 1968-69 after it was reassigned from England AFB

General Joseph Ashy flew with the 531st in 1967 - 1968 at Bien Hoa after it was reassigned from England AFB

1966 - Ramrod with Ron Barker